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Amusement Rides Coffee Cup Amusement Rides for Kid Tea Cup Rides

Amusement Rides Coffee Cup Amusement Rides for Kid Tea Cup Rides

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Product Details

Coffee Cup Rides Product Description

Rotating coffee cup is the latest developed amusement equipment, while chassis rotating in one direction,the coffee cup will rotate in the opposite direction inside, visitors will have the feel overweight loss and dizzy spin, while coffee cup is also moving fast. It is very interest-ring and stimulating.

teacup rides Product Parameter


amusement coffee cup rides




6*3/9*3 people

Motor Power:



LED lights

Age group:





1 year

Height of cup:


Life time:

8-10 years

Height of enter decoration:


After service:

Offer maintains help within the life time.


Steel frame structure& plate, FRP seats, colorful painting.

amusement rides coffee cup Product Pictures

Why Choose us playground coffee cup ride?

1.delivery on time .

2.hot sell in Middle east area, Africa, Russia

3.stainless, made of fiber glass and stainless steel

4.fadeless, painted with powerful antiseptic car paints imported from Germany

5.We are manufacturer, so products are all factory direct ;

6.Strict quality control with competitive price;

7.Attractive design and various styles;

8.Excellent after sales service;

9.Certificate: ISO 9001&CE;

10.Application: parks, outdoor playground , indoor playground etc.


amusement park coffee cup rides Packing and delivery:

Package: All the amusement rides are packed in bubble paper and non-woven fabrics

Shipping: by Sea 

children rides teacup About Our Factory

Henan Weiyuan  Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer that specializing in developing, design, produce, sale as one of the amusement equipment .Our company is located in Zhengzhou Henan province of China. 


Our main products : 

carousel, inflatable castle, mechanical bull, bumper car, coffee cup, self-control plane, 

mini ferris wheel, flying chair, naughty castle, pirate ship, mini train, human gyroscope, samba balloon rides ,slide dragon and other amusement equipment. 


We are the manufacturer and  have the excellent- designer and professional skilled workers ,so we can do the best for you .

Our Services

1. Pre-sale services: Free to provide detailed product information, specifications and variety of products for your choice.

2. Sale of services: To provide you with on-site installation and commissioning guidance to ensure the safe use of product to normal according to your request ASAP with our responsible spirit and attitude.

3. After-sale services: Find the problem and solve it. In warranty period, we provide free-repair service and accessories. If out of warranty period, we provide onerous product lifetime service.

rotating tea cup ride FAQ

What is a large amusement equipment?

Large amusement equipment are used for business purposes, carrying passengers amusement facilities, its range for maximum design line speed is greater than or equal to 2 m/s, or run a height above the ground is higher than or equal to 2 m manned large amusement facilities. 

What are characteristics of the amusement park rotating tea cup ride? 

(1), the passenger's position to adopt change transposition, Angle, change speed, a high degree of design, through the motion forms of change presents the changes in sexual sense. 

(2), large amusement facilities using the object is for passengers, to design the different needs of various ages, in general, the design height and speed is in this age group can accept the thrilling feeling of the design of the upper limit

(3), large amusement facilities on the design aimed to create that passengers were in position in the expansive space dynamic thoughts, some passengers by people place more adopting semi-closed or no closed design, rarely using close protection design. 

children rides teacup operating unit using what rules must be established?

(1), To set up the safety technical archives; 

(2), To set up all kinds of safety management system; 

(3), Establishing accident emergency measures and rescue plan. 

What should be done before the park rides put into use every day? 

Should be carried out commissioning and routine safety checks, and checks confirm safety devices. 

Amusement park rides safety checks of which three phases?

Amusement park rides safety inspection is "before the business, running and after three stages". 

Large amusement equipment operators using the unit must establish what provisions? 

(1), To establish a secure technical file 

(2), A range of safety management system

(3), The establishment of emergency measures and rescue plans 

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