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5 Arms Funfair Amusement Park Equipment Big Octopus Rides Game Machines

The big octopus rides is a self-controlled amusement machine that rotates around the central axis. This amusement machine is an outdoor amusement machine suitable for children and adults. The amusement machine is driven by an electric motor. The passengers ride on the fiberglass cockpit to complete the rotation.

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Product Details

5 Arms Funfair Amusement Park Equipment Big Octopus Rides Game Machines

1. amusement big octopus rides Product Description

The gaint octupus amusement ride is a type of amusement ride in the shape of an octopus. Five to six arms attached to a central axis spin and move up and down in random, while cars at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Each Octopus ride has the arms attached the middle of the ride. The middle of the ride will move somehow (Octopus head, Spider cylinder object, and so on).

amusement machine big octopus rides is driven by the motor through the reducer and the power is transmitted through the center slewing bearing, and the other power is used to realize the up and down movement of the cockpit through the eccentric structure. After the equipment is running, it can be stopped within the specified time.

2.  park  big octopus rides Specifications

Big octopus rides   is a kind of rotary amusement machine. It looks like an octopus. It looks like a dragon. It is high and low, and it can be rotated at any time. Each seat can sit for two people. After sitting, it will be like a fish, a happy sea, and a dragon flying in the air. It is fast and slow, and can be adjusted at any time. It is a new type of amusement machine for all ages.


amusement octopus rides




30 person







Speed Height:


Age group:

kids &Adults

Rising height:



1 year

3.carnival big octopus rides Detail pictures:

This is production process in our company. Weiyuan uesd best material to ensure our product become more durability. Our company have many template could make customer choose and we also could production according to the customer's need.The paint also is very environmentally friendly.

Our workers both have more than five years of experience in manufacturing amusement facility. So, our detail processing would be perfect.


4.playground amusement big octopus rides Packing & Delivery


Material of package

Bubble wrap,non-woven fabrics,wooden case

Packaging Details

The goods are usually packaged with bubble wrap,nonwoven fabrics,or wooden case.And also accept the special package as required.




Delivery Details

We usually delivery the goods to Qingdao port first,and then delivered by sea to your country.Just feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

5. Our Service:

Before sale: With the best service for you to answer your every question. Make the related drawing for your reference, ensure machine which can produce what you want without any mistakes. But if can't, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Middle sale: We will try our best to communicate with you and solve your problem, if possible, welcome to visit our factory and we'll arrange person to pick up you. Once you place order, we will monitor the whole production process strictly.

After sale: We will follows up your order, including package, shipment, time, insurance, installation etc. Of course, our machine will be guaranteed in 2 years after you received our products, we can provide installation video/pictures/engineers for you. 360 degrees service for you.


6.Comapny Information:

Established in 2004, Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacture and sales. At present, the main products are trackless sightseeing trains, track sightseeing trains, and children. Recreational trains, etc. (long-term cooperation with 63 Wanda Plazas in China).

The products are suitable for: indoor and outdoor places such as scenic spots, playgrounds, theme parks, parks, squares, pedestrian streets, large shopping malls, manors, farms, zoos, aquariums, museums, etc.

We have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers through strict quality control and customer first service tenet. Products exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries. We adhere to the talent concept of professional achievement dreams, so that our team can easily solve the demanding needs of customers and ensure customer satisfaction.

company culture:

Our vision: to create a new benchmark in the amusement equipment industry, reshape the new image of the industry, and provide affordable, high-quality products. Make unremitting efforts for the bright future of the amusement industry.

Our values: adhere to the customer first, learn and innovate in the work with filial piety, with the true self with full positive energy and team, and the company develops together, the fate!

Our mission: continuous innovation, to provide quality and assured products for the world's amusement equipment business!

Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. to visit, inspect, guide and cooperate.

7.How to improve after-sales service efficiency for children's amusement equipment manufacturers?

1 Good statistics and management of each customer's information, so that when the customer seeks after-sales service, the children's amusement equipment manufacturers can find the customer's information more quickly;

2 Establish a good after-sales service network. This will enable customers to find the after-sales service department of children's play equipment manufacturers more quickly, thus making after-sales service more convenient;

3 Communicate well. Good communication with customers, so that we can more accurately understand the needs of customers, so that we can improve the response speed of after-sales service. Through the above methods, we can effectively improve children's play equipment manufacturers. After-sales service efficiency, so that customers are more satisfied with us, thus retaining more old customers for us.

When the peak season comes, we must do the above, and be diligent in updating the new amusement equipment, so that we can occupy a larger market in the amusement industry.