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Amusement Attraction Outdoor Big Swing 24 Seats Flying Chair for Park

Amusement Attraction Outdoor Big Swing 24 Seats Flying Chair for Park

flying head chair is also called the rotating flying chair. The moving head flying chair is a large-scale amusement equipment for the flying tower type amusement equipment. It is rotated by the upper rotating plate, and the passenger sits on the chair and slowly moves up and down with the rotation of the turntable.

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Product Details

                  Amusement Attraction Outdoor Big Swing 24 Seats Flying Chair for Park

A.swing flying chair Products Instruction:

Flying Chairs is a kind of new amusement equipment which developed lately.The column for revolution movement and the big turntable on the top rise tilt and swing.Passengers under the influence of centrifugal force looked as

ballet bloom. At night, swing umbrella rotation and urban neon ablaze corresponding. It looks as if the rainbow of cities.

Technical  data (only for reference)

Product Name

flying chair rides




24 persons





Area with fence


Device Height


Operating Height





flying chairs Packing And Delivery:

Packing & Delivery of  Shaking Head Flying Chairs Rides

Installation(You can choose anyway in the two methods as follows):
A. The seller supplies the whole set of pictures and installation video, the buyer can install by themselves according to the pictures and video.
B. If needed, the seller can send 1 or 2 workers to guide installation and adjustment, but you need to pay charges.

Since the flying head chair has a certain irritating nature, we can't make fun of our life while riding. Before riding, we must ensure the following:

1. Before you ride this equipment, you must carefully read the "Guests for Passengers" to find out how we should take a safe ride during the ride.

2. Our operators should post the warning content of this device to a conspicuous position, so that some people may have this or that during the ride because they do not see our warning.

3. After the ride, follow the regulations of the park management personnel, and fasten the safety measures such as seat belts and pressure bars.

4. To obey the staff command, whether it is a self-controlled aircraft or a flying head chair, do not worry in the upper and lower equipment, in order.

5. Inevitable situation when the equipment is powered off during operation, Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds everyone that if we encounter this situation, don't panic, wait for the rescue.

Manufacturing Process of amusement flying chair rides:

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