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20seats Sliding Dragon Double Circle Budworm Apple Worm Caterpillar Roller Coaster

20seats Sliding Dragon Double Circle Budworm Apple Worm Caterpillar Roller Coaster

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Product Details

1.Brief introduction.

Budworm roller coaster is a large-scale entertainment equipment which along with the designed orbit, it generally consists of 4 vehicles are made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic and a matched orbit.

The budworm pully ride is one of the types of rail train in amusement equipment. It is very stimulating and funny.

Technical details


Mini roller coaster

electirc track train


14 person

14 person





FRP&High quality steel

FRP&High quality steel







track height



track length

120m or can be coustomised

40m or can be customised

2.Introduce about us :

Mini roller coaster is one of popular amusement item in park, playground, shopping mail, kid play center. We have two types of mini roller coaster, one is apple worm style, and the other one is dragon style. They all are loved by kids and parents.

About apple worm style, we produce two kinds, high track and low track.

The high track is named mini roller coaster; the low track is called electric train, because its track is like trains’.

About the use range:

High track: mostly outdoor.

Low track: mostly indoor.


3.Produce photos

4.About us:

1.Henan Weiyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one leading amusement equipment manufacturer in China, our products ranging from mechanical amusement rides(material: glass fiber reinforced plastics, size: super, big, medium, small, mini, such as carousel, battery car, electric track train, pirate ship, flying chair, etc), water park equipment, inflatable castle, etc. 

2.We have more than 18 years professional manufaturing experience.

3.Factory price with high quality assurance.

4.Professional sales team and perfect service.

5.Excellent after-sales service: 12 months guarantee.         

6.Operation principle: Win-Win business model.

Our consistent aim is "living depends on quality and developing depends on credit". Looking forward to have a long term cooperation with you, and develop together.

If you're looking for quality 20seats Sliding Dragon Double Circle Budworm Apple Worm Caterpillar Roller Coaster for sale to assist your business, welcome to contact us. Known as one of the leading manufacturers in amusement attraction rides field, we'll offer you the best quality equipment with low price and good service.

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