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Classical Viking 24/40 Seats Big Pirate Ship Amusement Pak Games

Classical Viking 24/40 Seats Big Pirate Ship Amusement Pak Games

Pirate ship is a long-term recreation project for children and young people. From the traditional large pirate ship to today, many amusement equipment manufacturers have designed small pirate ships, and are also suitable for teenagers and children to play, fully adapt to the needs of different groups of tourists.

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Classical Viking 24/40 Seats Big Pirate Ship Amusement Pak Games

 1. Theme park funfair pirate ship rides profile:

Pirate ship amusement equipment is similar to the ancient pirate ship, the pirate captain who is always ready to fight, and the sailor who looks into the distance. It is a classic amusement equipment with repeated swinging of the horizontal axis. After the pirate ship starts, it slowly swings slowly from the slow swing. The tourists ride on the pirate ship, and as the swaying and rushing is repeated, it is like being in the sea of stormy waves, sometimes Rushing into the wave peaks, sometimes falling into the bottom, thrilling, challenging the limits of people's psychological endurance, interesting and exciting, beautiful appearance, deeply loved by tourists.

Product Name Pirate Ship
Swing Diameter 360 degrees
Capacity 24/40 seats
Power 25/45kw
Voltage 380v
Heighet 9.4m
Floor Area 10*15m
Certification CE BV
Warranty 12 months

2.Overview of big pirate ship amusement ride:

Steel frame parts of amusement electrical equipment,

·1.Thicker steel material and professional weld

·2.Anti-rust painting

FRP cabin of amusement electrical equipment,

·1.Customer design

·2.Attractive,smooth and colorful surface

·3.Popular decoration pirate and LED lights


3.How to operated the amusement park pirate ship rides?

Press the pirate ship start button, turn the thruster tire through the motor, push the hull to rise under the action of friction, and swing the hull to the highest position again and again. The motor is powered off and stopped, and the hull is in the inertia free swing phase. After the lower, the brake cylinder is opened to raise the brake tire, the brake tire is pressed against the friction plate of the bottom of the ship, the brake is forcibly braked, and the hull stops swinging after repeated friction, and stops smoothly on the surface of the water platform.

4. Amusement pirate ship thrill rides  pictures:

Pirate ship is  a long-term recreation project for children and young people. From the traditional large pirate ship to today, many amusement equipment manufacturers have designed small pirate ships, and are also suitable for teenagers and children to play, fully adapt to the needs of different groups of tourists .Please see pictures as following:

5. Pirate ship packing and delivery:

1. pirate ship rides packing:standard export package. 

2.Shipping for amusement pirate ship:40HQ container

6. playground pirate ship Our Factory Advantages:

       The pirate ship is a newly designed viewing car amusement machine. It is a kind of amusement project that reciprocates around the horizontal axis. This kind of amusement machine has different names because of the shape of the figure. The "pirate ship" is because of its antique pirate ship. name. The pirate ship is styled in the American Indian tribe style, with a total height of 7.2 meters and a maximum swing angle of 45 degrees.
         After the pirate ship started, it swayed slowly and slowly. The passengers were riding on the pirate ship. As the swaying and rushing, it was like coming to the sea of stormy waves, sometimes rushing to the peaks, and sometimes falling into the bottom, thrilling. Challenge the limits of your psychological endurance.

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7. How to choose the Thrill rides pirate ship?

Choosing a good pirate ship requires not only a reasonable price, but also whether the manufacturer of the pirate ship amusement equipment has a qualified production and installation certificate, whether the pirate ship has professional production techniques, and whether the design and the pirate ship are novel in shape and can attract tourists. Whether the equipment manufacturer can provide complete installation and after-sales service can cooperate with the regular inspection of the pirate ship.

The normal pirate ship manufacturer should attach the inspection report of the pirate ship, the instructions for the use of the pirate ship, the qualification certificate of the pirate ship, the inspection and application materials of the pirate ship, and the safety notice of the pirate. Loading a fashion boat. Technical information about installing a pirate ship. There may also be a formal installation confirmation acceptance certificate. When the installer completes the installation, testing and on-duty training of the pirate ship, the customer confirms the installation of the qualified signature in writing and sends it to the pirate ship. Communicate routine maintenance instructions to safety managers.


8.amusement park pirate ship Company Information

         Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Founded in 2004, it is a member of China Amusement Machinery Association. It is a ride facility enterprise integrating professional R&D, project operation consulting, production, sales, installation, transformation, maintenance and after-sales service.
         The company's production facilities are complete and the inspection equipment is advanced and reliable. The main products are: Ferris wheel, big pendulum, pirate ship, horse, flying chair, scooter, self-controlled aircraft, bumper car, small train and many other indoor and outdoor amusement facilities.
         Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, safety and efficiency, fine brand, integrity and development" quality policy, give full play to the advantages of advanced technology and rich research and development experience, and constantly committed to product quality and new product development.
         With mature technology, first-class quality and excellent service, the company's products are sold well all over the country and exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and other countries and regions, winning the favor and praise of customers.

9.What should be notice when play a pirate ship rides?
1. Passengers should abide by the rules and regulations of the pirate ship operation and follow the instructions of the staff.
2. Do not bring easy-to-drop items such as glasses, cameras, bags, keys, and mobile phones to your body.
3. Those who are under 1.2 meters in height must be accompanied by an adult.
4. It is strictly forbidden to carry dangerous goods such as knives, sharp objects, flammable and explosive materials and chemicals.
5. Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women, dizziness, acrophobia, and spondylitis refuse to ride.
6. Passengers are required to line up in order when they are waiting, follow the instructions of the staff, see the steps, and go down first.
7. When an emergency occurs, passengers need to remain calm and evacuate the site under the unified guidance of the staff.

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