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Two Kinds Of Traditional Children's Paradise
- Jun 19, 2017 -

There are two types of traditional children's paradise: One is outdoor children's playground The other is indoor children's playground.

Outdoor children's playground is relatively large in size and is partly set in parks or amusement parks. The theme is clear, and the project facilities are selected and equipped mainly for adolescents and youth. It is difficult to distinguish the absolute area of the age level of the target group of the service type in the choice and matching of the facilities, which is often in line with the standard of the whole age. Children's playground is a common occasion for children to play games.

The core design concept of a parent-child park, which is designed for young children up to the age of 8 (under 125cm), is to be inspired by kids who play outdoors in the natural environment ingenious use of sound, light, electricity, gas, water, color, science and technology combinations, design environment, rendering atmosphere, to promote children in the play interactive infection, in the fun to release the playful, reproduce the children's innocent sunshine and smiling face! The design of the power products are: Inflatable fort, time and Space shuttle, Treasure boat, coconut tree, UFO, animal shakes, animal turn horse, colorful house, etc., in addition to the Puzzle Gallery section, it is a children's painting and hand-made projects, there are painting, pottery bar, model, fishing, etc., the project in line with children's quality education, training children's focus and patience, while playing their potential painting skills, artistic appreciation and hands-on ability.

Children's Carnival Entertainment, by the simulator, Carnival machine, sports amusement, such as the composition, including Swing machine, chase car, medium turn horse, dozen hamsters, space roaming, multicolored turntable, deep-sea paradise, double basketball, mining cars, rail bumper cars, dump doll machine.