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The Daily Management Of Amusement Equipment Of Rotating Flying Chair
- Jun 19, 2017 -

"Rotary Flying chair" is a kind of amusement equipment of gyro flight tower, the rotation of the rotating market by the tilt of the operation, tourists ride in the hanging chair, with the rotation of the turntable slowly rising, as if flying in the sky, as in the undulator undulating sea, thrilling stimulation, fun! What are the day-to-day management measures for rotating flying chairs? Next let's introduce you!

1, equipment Management: operators should be careful and meticulous: good control, good, good maintenance equipment. Will check, will be maintained, will eliminate the equipment simple failure.

2, daily maintenance and regular maintenance by the managers.

3, every day before the operation must be necessary to the equipment part of the inspection, timely oiling lubrication and eliminate abnormal conditions, the daily operation of the official before the trial run a number of two times, all normal before starting business.

4, regular maintenance generally three months. Half a year on the appearance of the equipment, the movement part of the thorough wiping, oil change, appropriate adjustment clearance, replacement of vulnerable parts, check the main load and weld whether normal.

5, the site should be kept clean. If the equipment outside the product has a stain, can be soft cotton yarn plus a little washing liquid cleaning, wipe clean the car after polishing with wax.