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Self-control Plane Rides Packing And Delivery
- Jan 28, 2019 -

                            self-control plane rides packing and delivery

            self-controlled aircraft is a kind of self-controlled amusement equipment. It consists of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical systems. It is a kind of amusement equipment for lifting and lowering around the center of the vertical axis. The cockpit of a self-controlled aircraft can be a carriage, an airplane, and an animal modeling light. The aircraft rotates around the center rocket or other styling decoration, and freely controls the ascent. The tourists hold the joysticks to lift and lower at random during the flight, chasing and shooting each other. It is a kind of amusement facilities that visitors can control their own lifting.

         Here is the amusement self-control aircraft rides packing and delivery container pictures:

         self-control loading8

         self-control plane12

        self-control plane15

       container loading6

      container loading12

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