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Rides Are Good For Children's Health
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Many amusement equipment, many people like the amusement equipment, because the amusement equipment is helpful to the children's health, which movement of amusement equipment helps the children's health?

(1) The activity of swinging and acceleration. This kind of activity's equipment has the naughty fort the swing slide, the swing machine, the electric toy and so on. After the baby can sit steady, can ride on, sit electric toy or slip small slide, borrow a lot of acceleration and reduce speed to provide vestibular system stimulation, make the child's nerve pathway smooth. The 3-year-old can also let him swing, slide and sit up and down the small train, so that they feel the speed of the increase and decrease in the enjoyment of endless.

(2) Anti-gravitation and balance activities. Such activities are equipped with climbing slide racks, inflatable fort, Naughty fort and so on. Against gravity is one of the survival instincts of animals that grow on earth. Infants and young children also need to learn from a variety of game activities, to determine their relationship with the ground, to build a sense of balance, and to form a visual space concept.

(3) Rotating activities. The equipment has the turning horse, the track small train and so on. Most children like to rotate, but some of them are afraid of rotation because of the inability of the brain to adapt to the spin stimulation. So, with the children afraid of rotation when playing kindergarten slides, do not force them to play too fast game, but should play a larger rotation radian, slow rotation of the game, such as the small rail train, so that their vestibular system adjustment function will be gradually strengthened. Children who like to rotate are allowed to play these rotational activities more. As for children who particularly like to rotate, because their vestibular system is not responsive to stimulation, they can sit on the fast-spinning thing so that the dull vestibular system gets a stronger boost and helps normalize.