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Requirements For Safety Fences For Amusement Facilities
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Now there are a lot of amusement equipment, amusement equipment next to the installation, such as fencing. So what are the requirements for the fence for the amusement equipment?

I. Safety requirements for safety fences and platforms

The safety fence shall be set up and exported separately and should be provided with a guide fence at the inlet. The platform should be equipped with anti-skid measures.

The direction of safety gate should be in accordance with the direction of the travelling person (except for special cases). In order to prevent damage to the hands of the person when closing, the clearance between the door frame and the column should be appropriate or other protective measures should be taken.

While running up and down rides the person's amusement facility, by the person part's import and export should not be higher than the platform to have the MM. Other amusement facilities by person part import and export distance platform height, should be convenient up and down.

II. Other security requirements

The amusement facilities shall be provided with eye-catching safety signs where necessary. The security flag is divided into four types, such as prohibition sign (red), warning sign (yellow), instruction mark (blue), hint mark (green), and so on.

Where passengers can touch, there are no exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous highlights.

Amusement facilities through the culvert, its containment surface should be not easy to fall off the material, decorative materials should be fixed firmly.

The person must mark the number of people, strictly prohibit overloading operation.