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Mini Shuttle Amusement Equipment To Pay Attention To What Matters
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Mini-Shuttle Amusement equipment is also children like one of the rides, then in the mini shuttle amusement equipment when to pay attention to what?

1. Pay attention to the safety inspection mark.

2. Note: In the large-scale amusement facilities in the eye-catching places are "passengers notice", carefully read after the ride, do not climb the fence. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before the ride, and they must be lined up for a long line.

3. Children should be accompanied by parents: children are not allowed to travel alone mini shuttle.

4. Follow the instructions of the service personnel: the passengers are in accordance with the order of the staff. When you get off, please pay attention to the head and foot, so as not to bump or fall.

5. Pay attention to fasten your seatbelt: Do not rob before the Mini shuttle is not stopped, to fasten the seat belt, to check whether it is safe and reliable, while running, please hold your hands securely or other safety device, the seat belt must not be untied.

6. Do not put the body part out of the cabin outside: Passengers ride in the Mini shuttle, in the chair posture sit well, do not walk around, must not be hands and feet, head, and other parts of the cabin outside, so as not to touch, scratches. Do not deliberately shake the cockpit, prohibit passengers to open the hatch.