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Maintenance Method Of Automatic Control Aircraft Amusement Equipment
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Self-control aircraft amusement equipment is a very common kind of large-scale amusement equipment, the overall shape of automatic control aircraft amusement equipment is a plane's modelling, side stretches a small airplane modelling. The children sit in the inside, with the beautiful music and rhythm, as if driving a plane. is also very popular with the market. So what are the maintenance methods for automatic control aircraft amusement equipment?

Self-control aircraft maintenance:

1, should always keep the amusement machine inside, outside of the clean. Amusement machine new put into use one months later, to check the whole piece of the situation, the fastener to be carefully inspected, fastening, after regular or irregular inspection, fastening.

2, regularly or irregularly check the speed reducer oil, (oil, oil surface should be higher than the worm tooth surface). Depending on the use of the gears, the bearings are regularly or irregularly raised with grease. New amusement machine use after a period of time, should check, adjust the position of the motor pulley, so that the belt properly tightened.

3, if the amusement machine is not put into use for a long time, then at least start to run 4-8 hours a month, make amusement machines, electrical system can maintain good working condition.

4, the electric control cabinet must make the rain-proof, moistureproof, the anti-immersion measure.