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How To Maintain The New Amusement Equipment
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Now there are a lot of new amusement equipment, then for the new amusement equipment How do I maintain the door?

First, the design and production of amusement equipment are in the work of designers and engineers to complete, its internal structure and the working principle of the mainframe if not very clear understanding, then it is impossible to know the source of the problem, but also will not feel the seriousness of the problem. An experienced professional maintenance staff can be in the shortest possible time to eliminate and locate the fault, because the operating profit of the amusement equipment and the close relationship between the time, the machine running money earned, the machine failure will lose money. So, it's important to buy time. Another, after a period of operation may be a very subtle fault, experienced professional maintenance staff can be observed and simple detection can be identified after the problem, so, so as to avoid accidents.

Second, maintenance work should be regularly to focus on observation and detection and replacement of the relevant parts. Some people think that the amusement equipment is actually a pile of iron, this is wrong, the amusement equipment structure is designer carefully designed, including each angle how big, each arm how long and the power of the motor, etc. are to be proved after the line. Therefore, the key areas, such as motor, equipment arm, safety facilities. As long as this is done, the other is the problem is only a matter of great hindrance, so maintenance must be focused.