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How To Choose The Rotary Flying Chair Amusement Equipment
- Jan 16, 2019 -

                 How to choose the rotary flying chair amusement equipment

              Rotating flying chair amusement equipment is very popular due to its thrilling ride experience. Many customers want to buy a rotating flying chair, but when buying a rotating flying chair, pay attention to buying a correct and safe rotating flying chair, and learn to distinguish The difference between different rotating flying chairs.

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             Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. has two types of large flying chairs and mini flying chairs. The mini flying chairs are small flying chairs for children, and the large flying chairs are flying chairs for teenagers and adults. The fundamental difference of the flying chair is the running height. When the height of the seat is more than two meters from the running to the highest point, it is a large flying chair. If it is no more than two meters, it is a mini flying chair.

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          Why should we emphasize this? Because this determines that this flying chair does not need special equipment certification, if we buy a flying chair that runs more than two meters in height, but there is no proof of this equipment, even if you buy it back, you can't operate it. Therefore, it is very important for us to find the right manufacturer when purchasing equipment, and to identify production qualifications and various equipment certifications.


          Therefore, when you purchase the rotary flying chair amusement equipment, you must determine the various parameters with the manufacturer. If you need the qualification certificate, you should check it thoroughly to avoid any impact on future operations. If you have any questions during the purchase of the rotary flying chair amusement equipment, you are welcome to come to Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. for consultation!

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