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10sets Ceiling Net Bumper Car Finished For Clients
- Jan 17, 2019 -

                               10sets ceiling net bumper car finished for clients

The bumper car is classified as 3 kinds: battery bumper car, ground grid bumper car and skynet bumper car. Skynet bumper car work with ceiling net and armor plate floor.
anode is in the ceiling and cathode is on the floor ,the ceiling made by iron wire net or complete steel plate.


The rule of bumper car game is: the driver strives to complete the circle in the field as soon as possible, and can straddle the way and knock the opponent's car. When the time is up, the operator turns off the power at the end of the game. The speed of a bumper car is usually very slow, even if it is a collision, it will not harm people and cars. The earliest bumper cars appeared in the 1910s.


Now here are the 10 sets ceiling net bumper car finished for clients:

bumper car rides4

bumper car rides5

bumper car rides2

bumper car ride1

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