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Mini Ferris Wheel

Kids Mini small Ferris wheel, is a small Ferris wheel, which is different from the Ferris wheel. Ferris car cockpit like every one of the small baskets, each basket can take two. Ferris gondola car, driven by the power slowly rotating, visitors can enjoy sitting in the basket in the enjoyment of the surroundings can make you spoiled for choice! The kids mini Ferris wheel covers small, novel design, unique structure, beautiful appearance. Popular with tourists alike. Currently this Ferris wheel in various cities, and even some small city park, amusement park can be seen. Is the ideal choice for tourists, but also the best choice for investors.
Weiyuan Machinery is one of the most professional manufacturers of mini ferris wheel. All equipments for sale have passed ISO9001, BV, SONCAP, and CE certification. Please rest assured to buy our quality and exquisite indoor kids mini electric ferris wheel rides at low price.