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The main principle of roller coaster
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Roller coaster is a stimulating entertainment tool. The kind of lightning and the thrill of the near misses fascinated many people. If you are interested in physics, you will not only experience the thrill of adventure but also help to understand the laws of mechanics in the roller coaster ride. In fact, the roller coaster movement contains many of the principles of physics that have been cleverly applied to the design of the roller coaster. It is wonderful to experience the effects of energy conservation, acceleration, and force together. This time with the physics of dealing with the brain, as long as the tightening of your abs, to protect the stomach is OK. Of course, if you are limited by physical conditions and psychological endurance, you can not personally experience the feelings of the roller coaster, you might as well stand aside and carefully observe the roller coaster movement and the response of the passengers.

At the beginning, the roller coaster's small train relied on the catapult's thrust or chain to climb to the top, but after the first down, there was no more power for it. In fact, from then on, the only "engine" that drives it along the track will be energy, that is, from the potential energy into kinetic energy, and from kinetic energy to energy such a continuous conversion process.