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Roller coaster Category
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Wooden roller coaster: Wooden roller coaster tracks resemble traditional train tracks. The metal wheels of the roller coaster roll on the flat metal strip, each with a width of 10 to 15 centimeters. The metal bar is fixed on the running track with screws, and the running track is made of glued planks and is very sturdy. The track is mostly steep slope and lateral rotation, rarely flip.

Reversing the roller coaster: A seated roller coaster, generally small, with a variety of different tracks, extremely curved. The famous B company is famous for the kind of roller coaster.

Standing twist roller coaster: Passengers use the roller coaster ride, the whole body can feel the rolling blood in the body surging.

Super Twist roller coaster (also known as Mega roller coaster): Although called "Reversing the roller coaster" but it did not flip, only a few slopes. So that the passengers can feel the strong weight loss. Occupies the general large, the cost is expensive, may be regarded as the wooden roller coaster steel upgrade version.

Launch of roller coaster (which is more than 120 meters high level roller coaster): Generally there is a very high gradient water pressure wheel or Lim driven roller coaster up to about 100 meters of the high slope or other orbital elements, the roller coaster is currently maintaining the world's tallest roller coaster laurel.

Flying skateboard: A surfboard-shaped roller coaster, powered by Lim, shuttling back and forth in the U-shaped track.

Roller coaster: A roller coaster with a seat on either side of the car and free to rotate. The orbital length is generally no more than 200 m.

Children (mini, family) roller coaster: A drop, slope, speed is not very large roller coaster, small footprint, suitable for children to ride.