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Roller coaster
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Roller coaster (Roller Coaster, or roller coaster), is a motorized recreational facility that is common in amusement parks and theme parks. Lamarcus Adna Tompson (Lamarcus Adna Thompson) was the first person to register a roller-related patented technology (January 20, 1885), and has produced several 10 roller-coaster facilities, thus being known as the "Father of Gravity" (Father of gravity). The roller coaster is scary, but it's basically a very safe facility.

A basic roller-coaster structure that includes a climb, a slide, a reversal (a child's roller coaster is not reversed), its track design is not necessarily a complete loop, or it can be designed to move back and forth on the track. Most roller coaster rides can hold 2 people, 4 people or 6 people 8, which use hooks to connect each other like a train. On the most basic level, the roller coaster is only a machines that use gravity and inertia to make the train travel along the winding track. The movie "Death Comes 3" claims that the accident rate of the roller coaster is about 1/250 million and the real number is probably even lower. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Board CPSC) and the six flag amusement park (Six Flags) survey, in 2001 years the death rate of the roller coaster is about 1/1.5 billion. This means that tourists are more likely to die on their way to the amusement park.

In the steel roller coaster, Japan Long I. Hot Spring Amusement park in the roller Coaster Steel Dragon 2000, the length of 2479 meters, is the longest roller coaster. The second is located in the British Lightwater Valley in the Ultimate, the length of 2268.3 meters. The third-longest Fujiyama is located in Japan's Fuji-Emergency park, 2044.8 meters in length.