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Amusement Facilities Accident Emergency
- Jun 19, 2017 -

The amusement facility is in the specific area operation, carries on the tourist amusement the carrier, generally is the mechanical, the electrical, the hydraulic and so on system's combination body, with all electromechanical products may have the malfunction, causes the malfunction to cause the tourist panic, the distress as well as other dangerous accidents.

1. Common malfunctions of amusement facilities.

(1) Sudden downtime, (2) Mechanical rupture, (3) falling at high altitude.

2. The cause and prevention of the fault.

Recreational facilities are composed of several systems, the cause of the fault is very complex, mostly by the maintenance of improper or not timely. Therefore, the prevention of fault is heavier in the daily maintenance, and regular inspection and testing.

3. Emergency points.

(1) In the course of the play in the physical discomfort, feel unbearable when the staff should be loudly reminded to stop.

(2) When the abnormal situation is down, do not tamper with the safety device, should keep calm, obey the staff command, waiting for rescue.

(3) There should be no panic, booing and crowding when there is an emergency, such as accidental casualties, and should be evacuated in time.

4. Expert tips.

(1) Visitors should first carefully read the "tourist notice", listen to staff to explain, master play points, high blood pressure, heart disease and other personnel do not play with their own body does not adapt to the project. To lead minors play a good guardianship role.

(2) Any amusement facilities have corresponding safety protection device, when the equipment failure, to maintain calm, obey the command, waiting for rescue is the best choice for tourists, can reduce the severity of the accident, or even avoid the occurrence of personal injury accident.