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CE Certificate Durable 2M TPU0.8 Colorful Water Walking Ball with German Zip Use in Shopping Mall

CE Certificate Durable 2M TPU0.8 Colorful Water Walking Ball with German Zip Use in Shopping Mall

Water walking ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person to walk on water. Water ball is similar to Zorb, but it has only one layer and is designed for water travel or human bowling rather than down-hill rolling.

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CE Certificate Durable 2M TPU0.8 Colorful Water Walking Ball with German Zip Use in Shopping Mall

A.Water walking balls instructions:

Water Ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside to walk across the surface of water. The size of water all is 2 meters in diameter normally.It has an entrance with zipper  to entry and exit easily.

Water ball is different from zorb ball,though they are similar.Water ball can not be allowed use on ground as zorb ball.

Inflatable Water Ball Paramater:


TPU water ball:0.8mm/1.0mm TPU
PVC water ball:0.8mm / 1.0mm PVC
MIX: 0.8MM/1.0mm TPU AND 0.8MM/ 1.00MM PVC


Normal size:D=2m
Other sizes:
Water ball for kids:D=1.5M or D=1.8M
Water ball for adult:D=2M or D=2.5M
The big size of water ball:D=3M
Acceptable for bigger and smaller water ball

Colors of Water Ball

Transparent,red,yellow, green, blue etc.  
Logos and pictures on the water ball is acceptable


Powerful blower, Repair kit and glue


100% responsible for faults of quality under correct use

Inflate/deflate time

Less than 3minutes


Water park,lake,water pool,beach and so on


Use it correctly and follow the rules
Limited time for playing inside for adult:9min and children:15min







B.water balls rides Instruction and Warning: 

1. Not use for persons who have heart diseases,hypertension or are weak.

2.Children should be under supervision.

3. Limited time less than 10 minutes.Maximum 2 person one time.

4.Prohibit to bring any sharp subjects such as knife,ring,necklace,glasses during playing inside.

5.Prohibit to use in strong wind or heavy rain.


C.Maintenance & Storage: 

1. Disinfect and clean the ball regularly.

2. Check the ball before using. Any damage, please mend it with our repair kit (material patches and glue).

3. After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball.

4. Before packing, make sure the ball is clean and dry. Then store it in cool and dry place.


Repair Guidance:

1. Find out exactly where the leak is. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of soap and water and spray it liberally on the bumper ball along the seams. You will notice that the

solution starts to bubble up where the leak is located, so take note of the position of the hole.

2. Prepare the hole for patching. Dry the seam off, and make sure that it is completely deflated before attempting to patch the seam. If you have the patch kit that came with the

ball, you can use the prep solution to thoroughly clean the material before proceeding. Rubbing alcohol also works.

3. Apply plumber's glue to the seam and let it dry for about 15 minutes. If possible, apply some glue to the inside of the seam as well, so that it spreads out and gives an extra

layer of protection when the ball pressurizes.

4. Fill the ball about halfway with air and wait another 30 minutes or so to make sure that the glue has dried completely.

5. Inflate the item completely and spray it again with the soap and water mixture to make sure that the hole is indeed fixed.


D.kids water walking balls packing and delivery:

Packing: put in wooden box

Transport Ways;

1. Package's weight below 150kgs, we suggest Express e.g: dhl/ups/fedex/tnt/,etc. door to door service;

2. 160-300kgs packages will be suitable for Airlines to your  airport, door to airport service;

3. Over 300kgs, usually goes for Sea Shipping to your nearest port via boat

4. Railways usually for some landlocked region/country


E.2M water walking balls Company Information

Henan Weiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd was establish since 1999 !We are

professional manufacturer Amusement Inflatable Games and Amusement Rides .

They are inflatable bouncers , inflatable sports games, inflatable slides, inflatable water parks, mechanical bull rodeo, mechanical surfboard rides, Walking animal car.

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F:Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are these Zorb Balls made of?

A: durable PVC or TPU Material, 0.8mm or 1.0mm thickness available.

Q: Why is TPU more expensive than PVC?

A: TPU is better than PVC mainly by following features:

1). excellent abrasion resistance

2). outstanding low-temperature performance

3). excellent mechanical properties, combined with a rubber-like elasticity

4). very good tear strength

5). high elasticity& transparency

6). good oil and grease resistance

7). more mycete-proof

Q: What happens if the ball punctures?

A: The damage can easily be patched with repair kit (material patches and glue) included in the order.

Q: Where can Zorb Balls be used?

A: Zorb Balls are usually used on grassy land, downhills, ramps, race tracks, inflatable field, pool or lakes, indoor playground, beaches, etc.

Q: Will you get injured inside the Zorb Ball?

A: No, it's 100% safe if used correctly.

Q: How are the balls inflated?

A: The balls are inflated with air by an air blower/ pump/ compressor. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to inflate.