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Summer Popular Using Electric Bumper Boat, Inflatable Swan Boat

Kids electric bumper boats are mainly used in swimming pool,lake and water park,etc. Kids with much fun with water,and we have large quantity of boats in stock

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Product Details

   Summer Popular Using Electric Bumper Boat, Inflatable Swan Boat

Children's bumper boat, injection molding hull pure American-like human body curve cockpit design, safe and comfortable seat height, electromagnetic electronic time manager, super texture imitation American steering wheel, MP3 dynamic music,
40AH maintenance-free safety battery power, high quality PVC tires are flexible. This product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, bright color, great attraction, high irritancy, stable safety, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low cost and fast recovery. It can recover the investment cost in a short time.

inflatable swan boat specification:


electric bumper boat, inflatable swan boat






0.7mm PVC and engineer plastic




As the picture or customized


With timer or coin-box and MP3






Inflatable slides packed in PVC bag, and blower in carton

Refresh Time


Working Time




Load Weight



3 years




Widely used in water park, family pool etc.


water bumper boats tubes Application

Electric Inflatable Bumper Boat brings lots of fun to kids. They are widely used in water park and family pool.

1.The depth of the water should be at least 33cm;

2. Play in a family pool or a lake;

3. For water park rental business.

water bumper boat for control system:

    Cion, timer,remote control,magnetism.


    1, Outdoor or Indoor playground equipment

    2, Amusement park, Aqua park

    3,Opening ceremony ,City plaza,Festival exhibition

Characteristics and Advantages:

    1,Hull structure:Seamless blow molding of hull.

    2,Floating:Inflatable ring,can be cold ,heat.

    3,Motor:220V  permanent magent motor.

    4,Orpration: The direction of mechanical structure of stainless steel.

    5,For the time:Accumulated more than 5 hours.

Take big funny and Small investment big return for you 

Our inflatable bumper boats are perfect for amusement park, water park, theme park, carnival, small lake, swimming pool, etc.Creating Max value and providing better service for you are our pursuit.

inflatable duck bumper boat Packaging Details

All the inflatable products sent to customer are well-packed for long-distance transport. Please be assured that your goods will reach you safe and sound.

1.There is two layers of packaging for the game, soft carpet inside and heavy duty PVC bag outside;and the air blower along with other accessories is arranged in a hardboard carton.

2. Before parceled up, the game gets deflated to minimum so that it is lighter for shipping. Then we put a band belt to tie it off. Then the two-layer packaging comes. Soft carpet inside and heavy duty PVC tarpaulin bag outside provide a double protection. So the packages will not be frazzled during long distance delivery.

3. In order to make it easy for you to find the goods, we will paste a waterproof mark on the shipping mark.


Product characteristic:

·the cost invests lowly The security is high Does not need the capital construction

·the installment is convenient Requests lowly to the location The product easy to maintain

·the subject modeling is richly colorful May personalize has custom-made

·transport business and management standardization simplify operation Factory entire journey professional service

·takes the location not for a long time Summer transport business conclusion withdrew leaves The location may make it to use

·motion tour transport business May in any time place construction

·The scale may be possible to be small greatly Is extremely easy in the locality to

·form the amusement hot spot The short-term yield is rich


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