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Dodgem Car Ceiling Net Kids Electric Bumper Car Rides Machine with Antenna

Dodgem Car Ceiling Net Kids Electric Bumper Car Rides Machine with Antenna

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Product Details

1.Introduction of Ceiling Net kids bumper car

Bumper car is an absolutely necessary amusement equipment in the amusement park. It is safe, amazing, funny and exciting,suitable for people of all ages.  

Above all, it is low investment and high profit. it is very popular all over the world. once you have driven it, you will love to do it again. what are you waiting for? just a call we can send the product to your hand.the sooner you buy, the better price you can get.

2.Technical parameters


Kids bumper car

Medium Bumper    

Adult bumper car




Dia :210 cm


3 or 5 km/h (adjustable)

7 or10 km/h (adjustable)

7 or 10 km/h

Lead Crystal Battery

DC 12V 33AH*2PCS

DC 12V 33AH * 2PCS

DC 12V 55AH*2PCS


DC 24V 120W  
non-brush motor

DC 24v 120w non-brush motor

DC 24V 300W non-brush motor

Net weight




Weight capacity

100kgs 1-2riders

150 kgs 1-2 riders

200kgs hold 1-3 riders

Packing size

96*96*76cm within
playwood case

within playwood case

150*150*110cm with  
plywood cast

3.Various electric bumper cars for your choice


1).The playing area must be steel.

2).It needs the iron fence or others to enclosing the playing area in order to assure safety

3).The operator should keep the car body clean and shining to attract people's interest.

4).The operator needs to control the power cabin box to control the speed and lights shinning.

4.Our advantages : 

1) ISO, CE factory, super quality with competitive price.

2)Fadeless, painted with powerful antiseptic car paints imported from Germany.

3)Stainless steel and colorful FRP material, super quality and safety.

4) Have excellent engineers, so goods are attractive design And various styles;

5)Application:  parks, outdoor playground , indoor playground etc.

5.Packing and delivery: 

Packing:Safe and strong packing (sponge,film and wooden case) to keep good shipping.Packing size is 197*120*93cm

Delivery:you can order shipping company and send container to load in our factory/we order container for you with payment.

6. Why choose us?

1). Professional  manufacturing, One of the largest and cleanest amusement factory in Zhengzhou city. 

2). Professional  shipping service, Timely and safe shipment.

3).Over 10 years export experience working team cooperate with you. 

4).Leading exporter, goods are hot sell in Middle east area, 

Africa, Russia and so on, which is more than 20 countries .

5).We are direct manufacturer, so products are all factory direct ;

6).Strict quality control with competitive price;

7).Excellent after sales service;

8).Certificate: ISO 9001&CE and so on

9). Patiently and timely response on line or Mobile.

If you have any questions, we will be pleased to help. 

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