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Battery Bumper Car Games for Sale Amusement Park Dodgem Cars The Newest Fun Electric Bumper Car

Battery Bumper Car Games for Sale Amusement Park Dodgem Cars The Newest Fun Electric Bumper Car

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1. Introduction of Battery Bumper Car

Bumper Car is one kind of recreational facility which is self-controlled. Visitors can drive their own cars traveling in the car parks freely and display their driving skills when colliding, dodging. Young people like it very much. It is a kind of very safe amusement equipment.

Our Battery Bumper Cars are the only easy to use real portable bumper cars that has a rubber surround, allowing the riders to crash into each other. The cars sit on a common floor and they are perfect for Street Fairs, Party Rentals, School Events, Amusement Parks, etc. Each car has a wheel for steering and an accelerator pedal to get it moving.

2.bumper car or dodgem Specifications

Lighting, music, time control

Weight: 200KG

1.95× 1.15× 0.96m

Time 2-5 minute adjust

bumper cars battery Voltage: DC24V(Two 12V Battery)

Power: 350W

Speed: 6-10km/h

Battery-driven bumper car's power by Batter.

1.LLDPE/Galvanized steel 

2.Professional design team 

3.With GS certificate 

4.Five years warranty 



ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001 Certificate, and GS certificate from TUV Company of Germany


Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, white,black etc.


1.Light (vehicle equipped with LED lamp, high brightness, long life)
2.Music (built-in MP3 music box control, SD card can be inserted, adjust the volume)
3.Timing control (computer version controller, can according to their own need to set the running time)
4.Remote control (car can use the same remote control and stop operation, need to be added)
5.Standard accessories: charger 1, wearing parts (brush, bulb, lamp, fuse)


4.Environmental protection
5.Color is never to fade

Age Range



2 adults, 1 children

Apply to

Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc.


Standard export packing Plastic parts: bubble bag and pp film Iron parts: cotton and pp film

3.bumper cars games Advantages:

1.Customized products available based on your detailed requirements.

2.ISO9001 :2008,GOST, CE

3.We are factory ,competitive price without any third party

4.bumper car manufacturers Company Information:

We are direct manufacturer of amusement machines, including kiddie rides, family rides, thrilling amusement equipment, coin operated swing machines. 

Now, we have in stock: carousel, auto-controlled plane, pirate ship, rotation coffee, electric trains, bumper cars, jumping series, roller coaster, and ferris wheel.


5.battery powered bumper cars Accessories :

LED light

At frond with LED lighting and control number. The remote control and max control 10 cars at same time, to start/stop all cars or any car and set running time, check running times etc.


Therer is a locking at front to close/open FRP body. From here you could easy to install/take away battery.


Two joysticks located at left/right hand. LED light belt set around car body to have much more attraction. The emergent stop located at back side.

Safety belt and LCD

Safety belt installed for running all the time. Back side have LCD display running status.

6.Bumper cars rides RFQ:

The difference between these three kinds :

1.Battery-driven bumper car's power by Batter.

2.Ground-Grid Electric Bumper Car's power come from Ground-Grid , it need lay armor plate on the floor, then input electric to the armor plate, so the cars running on the armor plate.

3.Electric net bumper car's anode is in the ceiling and cathode is on the floor ,the ceiling made by sheet iron and also need lay armor plate on the floor.

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Purchasing our product is your luck.  

We are waitting for you forever.

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for your inquiry .

If you're looking for quality battery bumper car games for sale amusement park dodgem cars the newest fun electric bumper car for sale to assist your business, welcome to contact us. Known as one of the leading manufacturers in amusement attraction rides field, we'll offer you the best quality equipment with low price and good service.

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